BioGuano™ and the future of phosphatic fertilisers:

Phosphorus (P) is a non-renewable resource with peak Phosphorus (half-depletion of known global reserves) predicted to occur between 2040 and 2060.  On the other hand, P levels in agricultural soils are rising because most of the P applied as synthetic fertiliser (80-90%) is sorbed by soil particle rendering it temporarily or permanently unavailable to most of our important crop species. The challenge ahead is to utilise and responsibly manage all P fertiliser resources, producing healthy crops and animals while meeting the needs of a growing population. BioGuano™ represents a viable natural option to synthetic P fertilisers. The unique combination and forms of plant-available Phosphorus, Calcium and Silicon helps in several ways to protect and extend Phosphorus nutrition.


Naturally sourced, minimal intervention, certified organic farm input:

Responsibly sourced seabird guano and state-of-the-art minimal processing in Australian-based facilities is the recipe for high quality BioGuano™ fertilisers. Australian Certified Organic allowed input No. 13250. By switching to BioGuano™ natural phosphate fertiliser, any grower whether organic, biological, biodynamic, or conventional can extend and improve the Phosphorus nutrition and quality of their crops.

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