Plants looked healthier, foliage darker, spider orchids flowered more regularly, ferns were more lush.
Catherine QLD
My tomato plants looked healthier and the plant appeared stronger.
Cheryl NSW
We focused on our tomato plants & it yielded a very good crop. Healthy plants & lots of fruit.
Chris NSW
I applied it to some sick azaleas. Within two weeks the leaves were larger, brighter and healthy looking.
Diana NSW
Excellent recuperative signs in many of my plants on small balcony suffering from intense heat... impressive responses in ferns, two palms, bromeliads, draecenae... even orchids.
Elizabeth NSW
I am SUPER-impressed and will continue to use BioGuano+. My Monstera Thai Constellation is growing new leaves more quickly, they're large and healthy! My roses, potted Madagascan Palms, Frangipanis, ZZ plants, Wollemi Pine, fiddle leaf, crotons etc - they're all showing vigorous, healthy growth since using BioGuano+.
Julie WA
I planted some late, fairly sad lupins and they bounced back strongly and flowered beautifully. I gave my gunnera pups a couple of doses in their water and they really kicked on, huge growth in first year.
Glossier and thicker leaves on camelia bushes; brighter rose blooms; prolific fruiting on capsicum, eggplant, tomato and sweet corn plants.
Marianne TAS
Faster growth, no more diseased leaves, better leaf and flower colour, struggling plants revived.
Ruth QLD
It has improved my plants ability to withstand intense heat and boosts growth.
Steena QLD
The most significant thing is the rapid, healthy growth of all of my plants, both indoor and outdoor. I have a garden full of frangipani trees as well as many potted plants, and visitors commented coincidentally on the weekend how amazing everything looked (everything is flowering and super-healthy). BioGuano+ is the only thing I've used over Summer. My variegated Monstera is my pride and joy (and most expensive plant lol) - and is growing new leaves at around twice the rate as usual, plus the new leaves are BIG and healthy.
Julie WA
The places where I have used BioGuano+ are a lot brighter and therefore more attractive.
Marianna TAS
Just an overall improvement visibly firstly and a quick change at that.
Martytn TAS
The plants look healthier and the colours are richer.
Ruth QLD
My sickly Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow is really flourishing now!
Amanda NSW