BioGuano+ contains the essential nutrients you need for all stages of plant growth in a simple, easy to use liquid form that is an Australian certified organic “certified allowed input no. 13250”. BioGuano+ not only gives you the nutrients that your crop requires, but also improves soil quality at the same time resulting in short and long-term benefits.

BioGuano Organic Gardens

BioGuano Organic Gardens is a premium Australian Certified
Organic blend of Seabird Guano, phosphorous &
potassium complexed with seaweed & fulvic acid for all
organically grown fruits, flowers, vegetables, herbs & annuals.
•Rich in organic calcium & extended-release phosphorus
•Organic-carbon to improve soil health
•Low in nitrogen & safe for Australian natives
•Seaweed & humates to stimulate the root system


BioGuano Organic Lawns

BioGauno Organic Lawns is a premium Australian Certified
Organic blend of seabird guano, organic nitrogen, phosphorus
& potassium complexed with magnesium, sulphur,
silicon, iron, zinc, seaweed & fulvic acid for all lawns types.
•Rich in organic calcium & extended-release phosphorous
•Organic nitrogen & carbon to improve soil health
•Seaweed & humates to stimulate the root system
•Naturally reduce weeds, pest & diseases

BioGuano+. What it is:

Guano is a word that originates from the Andean indigenous
language, and means, “the droppings of seabirds”.
The guano production process begins as saltwater fish
are devoured and digested by sea birds. Deposited on
rocks and baked in the sun, the excrement along with
bits of eggshells, feathers, insects and microbes matures
into nature’s best fertiliser. Guano cleans toxins from soil,
improves soil texture, speeds up the decomposition process
and promotes healthy plant colour and growth.


BioGuano Nitrogen Formula
(NF). What it is:

BioGuano NF is an “input for organic gardens”, certified
with aco (no. 13250) and features natural organic nitrogen
for ultimate control and easy absorption. the major plant
nutrients in BioGuano NF are supported by a wide-spectrum
of background nutrition for balanced growth. for a liquid
organic fertiliser, BioGuano nitrogen formula is high in organic
nitrogen and carbon for abundant and healthy lush
vegetative growth and improved nutrient retention. the organic
origins of BioGuano nitrogen formula makes it ideal
for feeding beneficial soil microbes, improving plant health
and resistance to pests and diseases.