How versatile is BioGuano™ fertiliser?

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How Versatile is BioGuano™ Liquid Fertiliser?

  1. Two Liquid Formulations for All-Season Crop Nutrition

BioGuano Commercial is liquid guano fertiliser, a rich source of natural phosphorus, calcium, silicon, potassium, organic carbon and ocean minerals complexed with Ascophyllum nodosum (kelp) and biologically-active Fulvic Acid. Start the season with BioGuano™ Commercial as a seed treatment, liquid inject, fertigation or foliar spray for improved establishment, root system development, bud formation and strong flower response.

Calcium and phosphorus, the key minerals in BioGuano™ fertilisers, are at the heart of the most important biochemical process on Earth – photosynthesis. Optimising photosynthesis improves crop resilience by creating additional energy and carbohydrate reserves used to overcome environmental and biotic stresses. BioGuano™ Commercial helps grow resilient, high Brix crops by delivering plant-available calcium and phosphorus, together without reaction, a combination seldom found in the one liquid fertiliser product.

Many growers are now using BioGuano™ liquids as a convenient and versatile calcium fertiliser (Ca > 20% w/v) that can be mixed with a wide range of other inputs, reducing the need for multiple applications and saving time and money.

BioGuano™ KMS fertiliser is fortified with extra Potassium , Magnesium and Sulphur in addition to the full spectrum of plant-available nutrients and bio-stimulants in BioGuano™ Commercial liquid guano. This enhanced formulation will further support crop growth and maturity.

  1. Easy liquids measurement

BioGuano™ Commercial and BioGuano™ KMS fertilisers are available as liquid suspension concentrates. Measuring the BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers in litres per tank or litres per hectare is very straight forward and contributes to consistent and accurate applications. BioGuano™ liquids can be directly added to a tank through the top-screen while filling or they are easily pre-mixed with water before adding to the fertigation or spray tank.

  1. Safe to Use

BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers are certified organic with ACO and are very safe to measure, mix and use in various ways according to label directions. As a general precaution and in the interests of good practice, we recommend avoiding inhalation, swallowing or ingestion of any liquids or aerosols when using BioGuano™ liquids. With a low salt index and neutral pH, BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers are safe to use as seed treatments, liquid inject, fertigation and foliar applications as per label directions.

BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers improve soil health and are “microbe safe” even when applied directly into the root zone. As the majority of phosphorus is in the citrate-soluble form and nitrogen levels are low, BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers will not suppress the formation of mycorrhizal associations with the root systems of host crops.

  1. High quality formulation

The formulation of BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers has been specially produced to prolong the stability and shelf-life of these products.

The concentration of seabird guano ingredients combined with the ultra-fine, colloidal particle size and specially selected suspension agents contributes to a trouble-free flowable liquid fertiliser.

  1. Application Options

BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers can be used in a number of ways to deliver plant-available calcium and phosphorus and bio-stimulants safely and efficiently.

Seed Treatments are applied at 7-10 L/ha total volume per Tonne of seed.

Liquid Inject at 2-5 L/ha in a minimum dilution of 1 part product to 3 parts water.

Soil Amelioration at 15-30 L/ha per application as required.

Fertigation at 10 L/ha as required

Foliar sprays depending upon the crop can be applied at 2-5 L/ha. As a general rule, the dilution of 1 L/100 L of water will apply to most crops.

Spot-Spraying, Small Areas or Newly Planted Trees can be treated with a foliar and soil drench spray at 4-5 mL/Litre of water. Repeat every 2-4 weeks during establishment.

NB: Always rinse and flush application equipment including tanks, hoses, pumps, filters and spray lines immediately after using BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers removing any product remaining in the equipment. Dispose of wash water responsibly on the crop or grassed area.

  1. Compatibility of BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers in mixtures

BioGuano™ Commercial helps grow resilient, high Brix crops by delivering plant-available calcium and phosphorus, together without reaction, a combination seldom found in the one liquid fertiliser product.

We recommend you follow these general rules when mixing BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers with a wide range of soluble fertiliser inputs and crop protection chemicals reducing the need for multiple applications and saving time and money.

  • If using kelp powder, humic acid or any other material with a relatively high pH (>7.5), mix this into your tank water first, agitating until completely mixed. Pre-mixing powders before adding to the tank is good practice and recommended.
  • Add BioGuano™ liquids next, continuing to agitate the contents of the tank while filling and during the entire application operation. In cold conditions, we recommend that BioGuano™ liquid fertilisers are pre-mixed 1 part BioGuano™ to 3 parts water BEFORE adding to the tank.
  • Add soluble fertilisers after BioGuano™ liquids. Some crystalline soluble fertilisers may also require pre-mixing or slow addition to the tank while agitation is running.
  • Check pH of water before adding pesticides. As a general rule, pesticides should be mixed and applied in slightly acidic to acidic pH conditions. This reduces the effects of alkaline hydrolysis and enhances the half-life and efficacy of applied pesticides. If pH is neutral or above 7.0, use an acidifying agent (like citric acid or proprietary brands) to lower the pH to the optimal range. Read the pesticide label or seek advice from the manufacturer, distributor or your agronomist regarding optimal water pH for the pesticides you are using in tank mixtures.
  1. Convenient packaging

BioGuano™ Commercial and BioGuano™ KMS liquid fertilisers are available in 15 Litre pails for convenient handling, measuring and mixing. After cleaning, the plastic pail can be recycled through drumMuster™ or used in the field as a picking bucket.

For larger operations, like extensive orchards, pastures, vegetable and broadacre farms BioGuano™ liquids are packed in 1000 Litre IBC’s. A mid-range 200 Litre Mauser drum is available on request.

  1. drumMuster non-returnable packaging stewardship

As part of our contribution to a better environment and reducing plastic waste on-farm, BioGuano™ liquid fertiliser pails and drums are eligible in the drumMuster packaging program to help farmers conveniently and cost-effectively give unwanted plastic pails and drums another life.

DISCLAIMER: Any recommendations provided by WHOLESALE HORTICULTURAL GROUP PTY LTD and or its Distributors are advice only; as no control can be exercised over storage, handling, mixing, application, use, weather, plant or soil conditions before, during and or after application (all of which may affect the performance of our program). No responsibility for, or liability for any failure in performance, losses, damages, or injuries (consequential or otherwise), arising from such storage, mixing, application or use will be accepted under any circumstances whatsoever. WHOLESALE HORTICULTURAL GROUP PTY LTD recommends you contact an Agronomist prior to product application. The Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use of any WHOLESALE HORTICULTURAL GROUP